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Our Enriched Hair Oils consist of concentrated herbal oils which penetrate individual hair strands and the scalp to restructure and restore moisture balance. It improves the manageability, as well as softens and boosts your hair’s natural shine. Cosmo Hibiscus enriched hair oil is the perfect blend of Hibiscus oil. Its unique formulation strengthens each hair strand from root to tip, giving your hair volume & thickness you always desired. Why our Hair Oil? – Moisturizes your scalp – Prevents from any hair damage – Controls pre-mature greying of hair – Gives you glowing & healthy tresses – Enhances healthy hair growth Direction: Apply Cosmo Herbal Lush Hair Oil Hibiscus regularly on your scalp and hair. For best result leave overnight and use every day.

Cosmo hair Naturals Herbal Lush Hair Oil - Hibiscus 6.8 Fl. oz.

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  • Hair Oil
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