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  • Hamidi Non Alcoholic Luxury Amber Oud Shower Gel Body Wash & Body Lotion By Armaf 500ML, 24H Fresh Effect
  • Hamidi Oud Amber Body Lotion: Luxury Amber Oud Body lotionAmber Oud Body Lotion refreshes your senses and gives a luxurious bathing experience It is Scented with a delightful Oud aroma that has been perfectly crafted to give you the feel of Arabian Luxury.
  • Hamidi Oud Amber Shower Gel: Hamidi Luxury Amber Oud Shower Gel Amber Oud shower gel is specially formulated to moisturize the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and clean with the original natural Oud fragrance smell.

Hamidi Luxury Oud Amber 2pc Set .16.9 oz Body Lotion /16.9 oz Shower Gel

  • Female
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