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About Us

Niche Brands International is a prestige beauty company that specializes in brand management, product development, retail and distribution of niche fragrances and beauty products. Its offices are based in Houston, Paris and Dubai and has a portfolio of products that are sold in more than 80 countries across the globe.

Our Mission

We’re a privately owned and operated minority business based in Houston, TX that distributes and markets niche French perfumes and fragrances in the Americas.


Our mission is to offer rich and quality products with accessible price points that meet the current tastes and lifestyles of our customers. Our commitment is to excellence and we achieve that through our people, processes and products.


People: To provide you the best knowledge and service, we've assembled a group of professionals with more than 80 years of combined experience in the fragrance manufacturing and retail industry.


Processes: We constantly research thousands of consumer taste profiles and popular fragrances to stay ahead of the curve. This enables us to consistently introduce new fragrances and products to keep it interesting for everyone. 


Products: Our fragrances are manufactured by one of the best perfume manufacturers in the industry in Dubai. Focus is always on superior fragrance, material quality and visually appealing fragrances that fit the taste profiles of the today's men, women and children. We only use natural oils sourced from around the globe, which makes our fragrances appealing and incredibly long lasting.


Fragrances for us is love at first sight and then falling in love all over again every time you meet them.

Vintage Perfume Bottles


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